The Junk Removers are committed to keeping the communities we serve as healthy and green as possible. Our dedication to responsible junk removal and belief that we are making a difference for future generations fuels our quality environmental procedures.

Our owner, Lu Annatone, has set benchmarks for improving on yearly goals of landfill diversion including:

  • Recycling
  • Donation tracking
  • e-waste
  • General reuse

"We have an obligation to our communities and our planet given that we are reminded on a daily basis of the amount waste we all produce. It is this daily reminder that has pushed us to increase our diversion rate totals."

In 2009, The Junk Removers started tracking the diverted junk. That year it totaled 40% of the collected junk and debris through recycling:

  • computers and related products
  • televisions
  • tires
  • various metals
  • paper products


  • clothing
  • books
  • furniture
  • reusable items
  • paint

It was our task to increase this amount by a minimum of 10% to at least 50% of all materials accumulated.

Since that time we have exceeded our goals and currently divert more than 60% of the stuff we pick up!

Our clients should and want to know what happens to their junk we pick up. We feel the need to keep them informed of our waste measuring and reporting process.